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Building Around Amareth in Commander


Hello folks! I hope you are having a great day and keeping yourself safe!

Today I want to build another deck around a legendary leader from Commander Legends!

Here are my previous ones:

What am I building around today? I'm sure you can see from the title, but it's a massively flexible tool.

Amareth, the Lustrous

This is Amareth, the Lustrous! I like it a lot! Whenever a card arrives to the party you look at the top card of your library and draw it if it shares a type with the card that dropped. The cool thing here? You can build an Amareth deck that supports any one permanent type. You could build a deck that cares exclusively about dorks, lands, enchantments, artifacts or planeswalkers and just run those. Your lands. Your chosen card type. And Amareth. You wouldn't need (or want) anything else like Sol Ring or Solemn Simulacrum as it'd run your juju. No instants or sorceries like Cyclonic Rift or Regrowth as they'd hurt your core card drawing engine.

The cool thing about Amareth is that support for those types are already in her colors...

  • Artifacts - Support in White and Blue
  • Creatures - Support in Green and White
  • Enchantments - Support in Green and White
  • Lands - Support in Green
  • Planeswalkers - Support in White

See? It's the perfect color combination.

What that means is that Amareth is the perfect support card for a permanent-matters Bant deck and can be a swiss army knife of support as one deck could look radically different from others.

I built a heavy Mardu enchantment deck for Ghen. I think the other obvious builds for Amareth are artifacts or creatures. You load up dorks with triggers and abilities like Eternal Witness, Mulldrifter and the aforementioned Simulacrum. You load up artifacts with Chromatic Lantern, Mind's Eye and the Simulacrum. I don't think there are enough planeswalkers to build around, but let me check - there are 107 and that includes colorless ones. But many require a specific build like Calix, Destiny's Hand which would suck in Bant Friends.

But you know what...

Let's try!

Let's see what we can do with a planeswalker heavy deck!

Here is what I what...

  • Planeswalkers - Duh. I am leaning on 'walkers that remove things or give me card advantage or make tokens.
  • Planeswalker Support - We'll have a handful of non-planeswalkers that support them in the deck, but only a handful. The bare minimum.

And that's it!

In addition to the expected planeswalkers I am including Dovin, Architect of Law from the Planeswalker deck series. He's pretty sexy! You can gain life and cards forever until he is answered. You can also tap-lock things for a pair of turns with his -1, although I think he is better at the +1 by far and that's what he's here for. Gaining life in a creature light deck is better than it may appear. Just because he's from a planeswalker deck doesn't mean he's not worth running.

Dovin, Architect of Law

Another powerful planeswalker deck option is Nissa, Genesis Mage. She can untap two lands and make mana for you. You can use it after combat when you swung with tokens to untap into blockers. Her -3 can make a token nasty or help turn Amareth into a Commander kill. She's a good Genesis Mage - don't sleep on her.

Mu Yanling

Another planeswalker you may not know existed. Her +2 can help Amareth slip past problems in the air or with reach, as well as bigger tokens that some of your Green planeswalkers make. Her -3 is usable on arrival and you can draw two cards and then likely see her die as trouble comes her way. She is a good, solid, threat.

All right let's move away from unpacking planeswalkers. They are obvious, but what else am I running?

Oath of Gideon
Oath of Jace

Let's start with the Oaths! I am running five Oaths in my colors. Which ones? Great question! I like Oath of Gideon's ability to churn out tokens for the blocking to keep your team fresh, and the extra loyalty counter on arrival is quite good and useful. Oath of Jace is very different as you'll draw and discard when it comes to the party, but it's upkeep trigger is nasty in a deck like this. I like both here.

Oath of Nissa is great as a way to net another land or planeswalker when she enters the battlefield, and she helps your mana in casting things to get the right mana for a difficult planeswalkers. She's great on the first turn. Oath of Teferi can blink a 'walker on arrival and reload loyalty counters after it's about to die. Getting two planeswalker activations a turn is nasty and it's why the card is here.

Arena Rector
Djeru, With Eyes Open

I only have four non-Amareth creatures in the deck! Arena Rector is one of those. She wants to jump in front of an attack and die for the cause, and then find a great powerhouse to grab. Fetch the perfect planeswalker and then drop it down to the battlefield. I have had players not attack into Arena Rector fearing that a free planeswalker would turn the game around. Meanwhile, Djeru, With Eyes Open can tutor for a 'walker when he enters the battlefield and he reduces damage to your friends! Djeru is clearly valuable in this Bant Buddies deck.

Lands matter. There are two options from War of the Spark that are making the cut. The first is Mobilized District. Getting a land to jump in front of an attack on your friends is key to keeping them alive. Most man lands are smaller at 2/2 and therefore are less valuable, but don't sleep on Mobilized District's 3/3 which can also be a free activation. I didn't put in too many as I didn't want to weaken my mana base. You also have the proliferate of Karn's Bastion that has obvious qualities in adding loyalty counters to 'walkers.

Opal Palace

Why am I running Opal Palace in my deck? Great question! Whenever I have an evasive 5 or 6-powered Commander, I run it. On the first arrival of Amareth, use this. Now it's a 7/7 flyer and will kill in three hits instead of four. These little boosts to a deck are key to really getting full control of the build. Lands matter too!

I am running protection with my lands such as Kor Haven and Maze of Ith as well to help kelp Amareth's buddies alive.

Triumphant Reckoning

I am running another card from Commander Legends. It's this bad boy. We have one artifact in the deck and six enchantments in addition to our pimped out planeswalker patch. As you can see, this will bring them all back for another go, which is very useful for planeswalkers as they often kill themselves for negative triggers or ultimates as well as burn and being attacked for the kill. Bringing them back en masse is very nice!

Note that I'm running 48 planeswalkers in the below deck which gives you a slightly less than 50% chance of getting a planeswalker as each arrives to the battlefield.

Wanna see the deck? Sure thing!

Amareth's Friends | Commander | Abe Sargent

And there we have it! There's the full 100 cards!

What did you think of my deck? Anything in here you liked or that you are inspired by? What will your Amareth deck look like? Anything I missed? Just let me know!

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