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Vorthos Content Round-Up


A few weeks ago, I put out a request for Vorthos content creators to chime in on a thread on my twitter account. I mentioned last week that I enjoyed giving a boost to smaller content creators, so today I'm going to dedicate my article to just that. Please note that this article is going to consist of people who responded to my tweet and the handful of higher-profile community members I could think of offhand. It's by no means everybody, and the kinds of content people are making continues to expand (especially thinking about microfiction) it's going to be hard to find everybody. I will eventually be doing another round-up, so if you're coming across this and I missed you, please feel free to tag yourself into the above thread and I'll get you next time.

If you're looking for Vorthos content in non-English languages, I've noted which creators have work available in other languages. If you see a link in the text of any of these bios, it's a link to the individual in question's content. If you are one of these individuals, please feel free to contact me if your bio needs a correction.

Disclaimer: I did not consume every piece of content that was sent to me, there just isn't enough time in the day for me to write and also watch every video or read every vorthos article. If I was not provided a real or pen name I've defaulted to internet handles below. Bio length is not indicative of content quality, just how well I know (or know of) the individuals in question. Posting a link to someone's work below does not constitute an endorsement or that I agree with any opinions contained.

Video Content

Eyes of the Watcher by Ron Spears


Seiben is a fellow Maryland native who has a longstanding lore channel for MTG.

Cavern of Souls

Cavern of Souls is a lore channel (with, admittedly, long breaks between content) run by a long-time friend Alma. Check her out!


DiceTry puts out weekly lore and color pie theory videos!

Kozistranslator (Portuguese)

Kozistranslator (or Meg) is a Brazilian streamer and cosplayer, and one of the Portuguese localization team members for Magic Story (and, to date, responsible for the only official print version of many Magic Story arcs). Her pinned tweet is a who's who of the Portuguese Vorthos community, so make sure to check them out.

Maelstrom Pulse

Ravnican Artist

Hiya! I analyze magic the gathering Artwork and how similar techniques are used to tie the art of a faction to their mechanics and story themes!

Rhystic Studies

Rhystic Studies posts fantastic and introspective videos on Magic lore, with a focus on artwork and critical analysis or art design choices.


Spice9Rack has exploded onto the scene in the last year, quickly becoming one of the larger Magic channels on Youtube thanks to his sense of humor and videos that explore the intersection of Magic lore and real-life politics.

Vorthos Nick

Nick works on Gathering the Magic, a channel dedicated to Magic lore and reviews of Magic Story products.


Goblin Lore by D. Alexander Gregory


Loregofys is the longest running Magic lore podcast, with a focus on humor. A West Coast Podcast with sketch comedy and... not entirely accurate recreations of Magic stories that are paired with thoughtful criticism and analysis.

The Vorthos Cast

The Vorthos Cast is my own podcast, the second longest running podcast. It covers topics not unlike my articles, with a more serious and news radio-like approach to the lore than the Loregoyfs. We are an East Coast podcast, which makes for a nice (fictional) east coast/west coast rivalry with the Loregoyfs.

Goblin Lore

The Goblin Lore Podcast has been around for almost as long as The Vorthos Cast and uses Magic lore as a jumping-off point for real-world issues like toxic masculinity, Post-Traumatic Stress, and others. Co-host HobbesQ has the mental health background to back-up these discussions nicely. They're also based out of Minnesota, and I'm afraid my accent is going to come back if I ever do an episode with them...

Magic: the Flavouring

Magic: the Flavouring may have misspelled Flavoring (hehe), but they're a British podcast dedicated to lore and flavor and have been going strong for 36 episodes, which is not an insignificant feat for a podcast.

Terrain Basique (French)

The only French language Vorthos podcast. It's host, JasonVorthos posts a lot of lore content on his twitter account.


Living Lore by Jason Felix

Base Jeleren

Not to be confused with Bace Jeleren I mention below, BaceJelerenVorthos does regular content on both his blog and twitter accounts. His work includes interviews with Magic artists, so check it out!

Donny Caltrider

Donny is an antiques dealer who has in the last few years blown up in the MTG Art Community. Donny's articles include interviews with artists and art reviews, and he also regularly works with Magic artists on art auctions. Give his content a look if you're interested in the art side of MTG.

Cardboard Commons (Spanish)

Cardboard Commons has both a blog and a Twitter account that does Vorthos content in Spanish. They have a long history of talking about the pauper format, but also talk about the in-world history of Magic through the cards.

Steeve Fontaine (French)

Steeve Fontaine is a French Vorthos who posts lore stuff on their twitter and organizes tournaments with flavorful themes around the lore.

Kristin Gregory

Kristin is the Content Manager over at Hipsters of the Coast who occasionally dives into the lore side of MTG in her regular column. Her article on Using Magic: The Gathering to Understand Tarot is a great example of Vorthos content that explores the intersection of MTG and the real world.

Mara Katz

I remember seeing Mara's screen name, DialMforMara, in Magic topics for as long as I can remember. She writes Ravnica fiction on A03 as well as some lore writing among her other articles at Card Kingdom.

Mike Linnemann

Vorthos Mike as he's known on this very site is a former art director (for a non-WotC game company) who has led the charge in getting Magic art the recognition it deserves. Mike writes art reviews, does interviews with artists and art directors, and has organized several Magic Art Shows. It was Mike who originally got me to appreciate the art as more than pretty pictures on a card, and is the reason I'm careful to cite the artist of any art I use.

MTG Color Theory

MTG Color Theory does bite-sized color pie analysis on his Twitter Account, and will be delving into the world of Youtube in the future.

Joshua Nelson

Josh has just recently started writing about Magic lore at Bleeding Cool, so make sure to check him out!

Michelle Rapp

Michelle is easily the most influential Vorthos in the community, with regular guest appearances across the spectrum in other Magic content, and an irregular column with Card Kingdom, and the aforementioned Loregoyfs as part of her MTG resume.

Jacob Torbeck

Jacob is a theologian and ethicist who writes articles on the intersection of MTG and theology and history. I think this is a great perspective for the Vorthos community to have, especially with how much MTG relies on certain religious tropes.

Mayuko Wakatsuki (Japanese)

Mayuko is the Japanese Vorthos, or at least the one that engages with the English-speaking community the most. A writer for Hareruya, Mayuko also writes the official Japanese Magic story comics, which are great.

Alterists and Fan Art

Blood Artist by Johannes Voss

One thing I should mention here is that none of the alterists I list here sell proxies. There's a gray area around proxying, and none of these talented artists and/or graphic designs who do alters have any desire to cross that line. Don't ask for them.

ALK Alters

ALK has come on the scene recently for his fun altered art proxies of Magic cards. He's gifted me a couple of gorgeous ones, and I love what he comes up with.

Andre Garcia

Andre is an illustrator who does fantastic Magic fan art, and has illustrated a number of pieces that were used by big name stores as playmats. Check him out on Twitter!

Anoa Design

Anoa Design is the illustrator behind the fantastic Japanese Magic comics, and posts lots of great Magic art on their Twitter account.


Feuer_Ameise, aka FireAntPrincess, does alters and custom cards. Check out her twitter for a pinned thread with some cool alters.


LaZodiac posts fan art on her blog and writes fan fiction for MTG. Check out her Twitter, and be sure to check out her pinned tweet for her own, original, book.

The Proxy Guy

The Proxy Guy is the original... proxy guy. He's a talented graphic designer who does a lot of cool work with Magic frames, and was doing it for years before Wizards of the Coast began experimenting with their frames.

Rathalos Soul

I just love this Pokemon alter of Kozilek by Rathalos Soul.

Robert Negrete

Robert Negrete is an illustrator with a lot of cool fan art, including for Magic.


Sheepwave is both a fan artist and alterist, and you can check out a lot of her great work on Twitter.

Fan Fiction

Fact or Fiction by Matt Cavotta

Bace Jeleren

Bace has been writing a War of the Spark: Forsaken fanfiction rewrite over at AO3, and is a long-established regular in the Magic Tumblr community.


In addition to eating books, BibliovoreOrc writes MTG Fanfiction in many forms. You can find his long form work on AO3, but he's well known for his Twitter microfiction and flavor added tweets. That flavor added hashtag will also introduce you to the variety of other flavor added and microfiction writers on Twitter.


Gamb's work on AO3 includes eight pieces of fan fiction for MTG, including - amusingly - a take down of characters that annoyed them in the War of the Spark novels.


You'd probably recognize Ajani-on-the-Spot's work even if you don't know him in particular. He is responsible for the hilarious Google Translates MTG, and is currently working on a format that uses MTG cards as a Tabletop RPG.

Lily Haaron

Lily is an indie developer and streamer who also, uh, discusses how much she wants women in Magic lore to step on her. I'm going to call this fan fiction by technicality.


TKShillinz has done some MTG Microfiction in the past and has expressed interest in getting back into it. Give him some encouragement!


Triske does a fair amount of microfiction on their twitter account, including the hilarious example above. I'm always partial to Angrath, being as he's the best dad in the Multiverse.

That's It, For now

Like I said earlier, if I missed you here or you want me to change something, please reach out and I'll either incorporate you into the next round-up or make whatever changes you want. Out next week: Jay's Custom Jumpstart Deck.

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