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Budget Commander #69 - Colorless Voltron with Traxos!


Hello Awesome People! Happiest of Days to you and yours! Today I want to do something very special for you: a colorless option as a Budget Commander, this is the series where I build my Commander with a budget that comes under the previous one, which was $32.37.

The hard part here are the lands, since Wastes cost a buck each? And we'll need more non-basics than normal to fill out our brew, and that will cost more. Just building a mana infrastructure will be pricey in a colorless deck. So, what I want to do today is to give myself two budgets of $32.37 each, one for lands and one for other stuff including my Commander.

As a reminder, this series began when I saw "Budget Minded Articles" for the format that included several decks in the triple digits like $250 and that struck my mind as pretty un-budget for a casual format like this one and the deep card pool that the format provides. My first deck years ago clocked in under $40, and most have come under that save for one exception early that I gave myself. There are way too many bulk rares, good uncommons and commons to keep your budget overly high.

Let's turn to my Commander:

Traxos, Scourge of Kroog

Now luckily my Commander is a bulk rare. And this 7/7 with trample for four mana arrives tapped and won't untap normally unless you cast a legendary or artifact or Saga. Well, here that's basically all of my deck in colorless world. For example, you could cast and equip Lightning Greaves and then attack with it on the turn you played it. Greaves are too pricey for this brew, but you get the idea. I'll build a colorless deck around Voltroning a kill with Traxos, which is already sizeable and has the evasive ability of trample and can win in three Commander Damage hits.

As a reminder, all prices noted are as of the writing of this column over two days, not when it published, or when you read it later. But if a card rises from a quarter to fifty cents like Rogue's Passage has done, it's still going to be a mega-cheap option for you budget conscious deck builds out there.

Synergies and Win-Cons

Shimmer Myr
Trading Post

Let's start with synergy and winning conditions that cost $0.35 and $0.65. The Myr was downshifted in rarity to uncommon so it's pretty cheap to find now. You can flash out this 2/2 for three mana any time you want, and then it gives your artifacts flash, so you can flash this, untap Traxos, and block an attack that just came your way, or flash out a later artifact. You can also flash this and then a blocker from your hand to kill an attacking threat or to use removal at instant speed. The Post is an artifact with four abilities, all of which cost a mana and tap it. You can gain four life and discard a card, you can pay life to make a 0/1 chump blocker that can gather up equipment after a mass removal spell and swing out of nowhere. You can sacrifice a dork to Raise Dead an artifact to your hand. You can sacrifice an artifact to draw a card. It's very playable in all abilities, but it's really here to sacrifice artifacts for cards and dorks for artifact, so card flow either way.

Lodestone Golem
Voltaic Construct

Check out this Golem duo that cost $0.49 and $1.25 respectively. The former is a nice beater but low on the toughness so it's pretty fragile. All non-artifact stuff costs one more to play, yours too. This will slow down your foes' things other than mana rocks until answered, but only a handful of colorless non-artifact spells in here are taxed, so it's pretty strong. The latter Golem is an uncommon 2/2 for four mana that can spend two mana to untap any artifact dork, and it doesn't tap, so you can use it multiple times. It's one of a handful of cards that cost more than a buck and we'll look at a another in this section. It's here to untap Traxos after it swings to block or just to get in another attack next turn without casting a historic spell from your hand.

The equipment duo of Quietus Spike and Scytheclaw cost $0.49 each. The Spike is a three drop and it gives deathtouch to play keep away. When it deals combat damage to a player, they lose half of their life. Combat damage on a giant, growing 7 power trampler is quite likely here. The 'Claw is a five-drop (equip three) that gives +1/+1 and then the same combat damage trigger. It also has living weapon, so you can drop it, and it's a 1/1 with that ability and you can swing and smash for a while, and then when it dies you equip Traxos.

Staff of Domination
Mishra's Self-Replicator

S1.99 and $0.49. The Staff is the most expensive card in my deck at a surprisingly cheap $1.99 considering how much of a staple it is in Commander. It used to be banned. Like Trading Post, this has four tap abilities plus an activated one to untap itself for a mana. You can gain a life for two mana; untap Traxos for three; tap an opposing dork to swing through for four; or draw a card for five. It's a brilliant mana sink at the end of your foe's turn with your extra mana and then untap and draw. The creature is a buck rare 2/2 for 5 mana that has the same cast trigger as Traxos. In this case you can spend a mana to copy the creature. Then you can make two copies for two mana on your next cast trigger and so forth, quickly filling the board. It's a win con and synergy in one card.


Key to the City
Manifold Key

Now let's turn to some Voltron-ing cards. These two Keys cost $0.49 and $0.35. The City Key can discard a card and tap to give Traxos unblockable for the turn. Nasty. And then when you untap it you can spend two and draw a card, so its card flow in an unblockable giving artifact. The Manifold artifact has two valuable taps abilities, one mana to untap another artifact, like Traxos, the City Key, Trading Post, a mana maker like Palladium Myr that taps for two to make a mana. Then you can tap with three to give a key dork unblockable for the turn, and that combo and cheap cost make this very powerful with either ability. It's also a one-drop to untap Traxos with the cast trigger reliably.

Let's turn to a pair of uncommon equipment in Fireshrieker and Prowler's Helm. They are 49 cents and a buck. The first is a three-drop that equips for two, so five total to cast and equip. It gives the equipped dork double strike, which really pushes the game winning of Traxos. Note that normally if a creature with double strike attacks and is chump blocked, it will kill in the first strike step, and then do nothing in the regular damage step as everything is dead. However, if it has trample, then it will deal the second combat step to the thing attacked, so that's a very strong synergy here. I am also running the 25-cent Brass Knuckles here for that synergy as well. Traxos cannot be blocked, save by Walls, pretty unlikely usually, so that's very strong here.

Blackblade Reforged

Two game-winning equipment in bulk rare form that each cost $0.49. The legendary is a two-drop that gives the equipped dork power and toughness equal to your land count, and I have 40 lands here. It's equip is pretty pricey at 7 for non-legendary stuff, but it can equip Traxos for just three, so you can easily turn this into a trampling game winner in just a few hits of Commander Damage. The nonlegendary one is a four-drop and it gives power and toughness boosts equal to the creature count in all graveyards. In multiplayer formats, this could easily be 6 to 10 enough to kill quickly. It also has living weapon, so it's a game-winning threat that, when answered, will then equip a trampling Traxos.

This uncommon equipment Gorgon's Head is a bit pricey, but it's here as well at 75 cents. It's a cheap one to drop and untap your leader. Then it equips for two and gives the dork deathtouch. Deathtouch and trample are a nasty combination since you only need to deal one damage to each blocker, and then the extra to the foe, so it really hurts chump blocking. See also the Spike above. I also like swinging with Traxos and then equipping your Manakin after to play keep away and trade up with potential attackers.

Backup Beaters

Metalwork Colossus
Darksteel Juggernaut

Every Voltron deck needs creatures to equip after the Commander has been answered. Enter this section. These two cost $0.75 each. The 11-drop is a vanilla 10/10 that can be cast for less based on the total mana value of your noncreature artifacts, which with your high equipment count, could be quite a big reduction. Then you can sacrifice two artifacts to return him to your hand from your graveyard, so he is a recursive problem here. The 5-drop has power and toughness equal to your artifact count, so he'll always be a 1/1 on a blank battlefield after board wipes. It has to attack each turn, but it has indestructible to keep it alive from blockers as well. You can untap it with your various untap infrastructure after swinging to have a big, fat indestructible blocker. Nasty pair of backup equippers that can also win the game.

Myr Battlesphere and Stonecoil Serpent cost $0.49 and $1.49 each. The Myr is a seven-drop 4/7 that makes four 1/1 Myr on arrival to the battlefield, so that's five bodies for seven mana with a total 8/11. Pretty good for your investment. Then when you swing, you can tap any number of Myr to pump this power but that number of Myr. That means you can always attack as an 8/7 if you tap the four you made. Then you deal that damage to what you are attacking. Note the Myr tokens are artifacts for sacrificing for cards for Trading Post. The Snake is a X that comes with X +1/+1 counters so it can be a game winner and a mana sink. Then it has trample for the synergies with deathtouch and double strike in this brew already. It also has reach, so you can attack and then untap with things like Staff of Domination and block flyers.

Answers and Card Flow

Meteor Golem
Unstable Obelisk

Now let's turn to some answers. Let's start with this pair. The Golem costs just a quarter. On arrival to the battlefield, you can destroy any nonland permanent so its removal for pretty much anything. Although a bit pricey at seven mana, it does come with a 3/3 dork for blocking, attacking, sacrificing, and equipping. Then the Obelisk costs a quarter as well. It taps for colorless, and can be sacrificed for 7 mana to destroy any permanent, including lands, and it can be done at instant speed. Sure, it's another seven mana, but it's on a mana rock so you aren't spending a card, and at instant speed.

Steel Hellkite

This pair of answers in creature form are $0.99 and $0.49. The Dragon is a six-drop 5/5 with flying so it can also serve as a backup equip option with its evasion. You can also pump its power by one for each two mana you give it, making a very strong mana sink and flying problem. Then you can spend X after you dealt combat damage to a foe, and then destroys those mana value permanents that person controls, so this is mass removal in a creature form. The Shapeshifter is also a six-drop that on arrival to the battlefield will exile a non-token dork, so it's an exile answer. Then this gets the exiled creature's size. Exiling removal is great since it gets past indestructible dorks that have them naturally or were given them by an instant like Rootborn Defenses. Also...remember that this can self-target your stuff. If you just need a 7/7 beater to win the game, or a crack a defense, you can exile Traxos to the Command Zone and then recast it with Command Tax higher, since it's just a four drop, that's possible. You don't want to do it, like casting Swords on your things to keep alive when you are attacked for lethal, but don't sleep on it.

Rogue's Gloves
Canoptek Spyder

Now let's turn to card flow. I added in a few cards that are just for card drawing, like this pair that costs $0.25 for the first one and $1.25 for the other. The Gloves are a two-drop and when you deal combat damage to a player you draw a card. I already talked about how likely that is with a trample Commander with seven power. The Spyder is a five-drop artifact creature with flying and a nice sized 4/4 body. Also note the synergy here as a backup attacker if you want to risk it. When a nontoken artifact creature arrives to your party draw a card. That's a lot of card drawing potential over time.

Mana, Ramp, Lands

Burnished Hart
Everflowing Chalice

Now let's turn to mana. The Hart is cheap quarter artifact creature that can be sacrificed for two Wastes and then it ramps them to the battlefield as well. Nice! The Chalice is 75 cents and if you are going to kill someone, do it. Otherwise it has a multikicker of 2, so you can tap for one on turn two, or two on turn four, the most likely times, although it can be a major mana sink latter It untaps for a ton of mana with the untap suite. As you can see, that's pretty strong here. It's also pretty good over time.

Environmental Sciences (35 cents) is a common two cost Sorcery that gains you two life, searches your library for a Wastes, and then puts it into your hand, so that's nice. Also note that the values of all of my lands are in the list below after the land for their review. Rogue's Passage is a Voltron essential since you can tap it with four mana to give your key beater unblockable, like Metalwork Colossus, the Snake, or your Commander. This is a nice pair.

War Room costs 10% of my land budget and it is likely to rise, so grab some now. You tap this colorless land with three mana to draw a card and lose life equal to your Commander's color identity, but here? That's just free card drawing in land form without any loss of life attached. Buried Ruin can sacrifice with two mana to Raise Dead an artifact from your graveyard to your hand, so it's a nice spot of recursion here. We don't have that much for a reason you'll see later, but it's nice nonetheless.

Tomb of the Spirit Dragon
Sea Gate Wreckage

The Tomb can be tapped with a pair of mana to gain life equal to your colorless creature count, and here? That's all of your creatures, and including things like Myr Tokens or the Self-Replicator copies but not the 0/1 token from Trading Post. The Wreckage can be tapped for one colorless and two generic mana to draw a card if you don't have any card in your hand. Since your deck could be blowing through cards to be cast to untap Traxos, it's actually pretty likely. So, like the War Room above, it's repeatable card flow in lands form. This is also the reason why I don't have any of the pricey "No Discard" cards like Reliquary Tower taking up space and budget here.

Labyrinth of Skophos
Power Depot

The Labyrinth is a fun way to protect yourself. You can tap four and this to remove an attacker or blocker from combat. If your opponent blocks and then surprises you with an instant combat pumper like a Giant Growth, remove it from combat. You can also remove Traxos in case something cares about it, like your foe casting Wing Shards.

The Depot is one of my few artifact lands here since most have a color identity or cost too much. This enters tapped, but for that tempo loss (Rare in here, by the by, most enter untapped) you can get modular 1, and get a +1/+1 counter to give to something when this dies, like Traxos, and it can be sacrificed for a card with Trading Post out of nowhere to pump Traxos instantly as a combat trick to draw a card. My other artifact land is Darksteel Citadel. I also have Mishra's Factory and Foundry that turn into artifact creatures, so they can count as both.

Hall of Tagsin taps for colorless and can be tapped with four mana to make a tapped Powerstone token. That can be saved for mana over time, adds to the size of your Juggernaut, gives you more sacrifice options, and is pretty synergetic here. Scavenger Grounds are my other pricey land, also around 10% of my land budget and are why I don't have much recursion here. You can tap, spend two, and self-sacrifice this to exile all graveyard, yours too, at instant speed. Graveyard abuse is ripe in Commander, and having an answer is critical. I also am running Stonespeaker Crystal, a mana rock that taps for colorless, and can be sacrificed for card flow and exiling.

Phyrexia's Core

Tap a mana, this, and sacrifice an artifact to gain a life. That adds a sacrifice effect into your land base for just a quarter. You can sacrifice to trigger things like modular, get value from things about to die, prevent Metalwork Colossus from getting exiled to a Path to Exile and keep it going, and loads more here. The Stone costs 75 cents and is a five drop artifact that keeps your land from one phase to the next, but it turns into colorless, which is great here. Save all of your mana and tap out at the end of your foe's tur and we have mana sinks here that can win the game, like Crawling Barrens and the X spell Snake, and you can store mana over two turns to cast a bigger spell like Spine of Ish Sah or equip costs.

Ready for my decklist?

Traxos EDH | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

  • Budget for Non-Lands - $32.37

    • Total: $32.25, eleven cents cheaper.

  • Budget for Lands - $32.37

    • Total: $30.73

There are lots of pricier options to consider. Cards you could add in include Darksteel Forge, Eldrazi Conscription, Ancient Tomb, the massive life gaining Witch's Clinic, the unblockable but pricier equipment of Whispersilk Cloak and Trailblazer's Boots, key three powerhouse equipment in Commander's Plate, Hammer of Nazahn and Shadowspear, the mass removal spell that won't touch you All is Dust, the surprisingly pricy vehicle Standard powerhouse Reckoner Bankbuster, Inventors' Fair, Urza's Saga, Darksteel Colossus, Eldrazi Titans that count and historic for Traxos, Nettlecyst, Lightning Greaves, Treasure Vault, 0-drops like Paradise Mantle and Mana Crypt to untap for free or Maze of Ith to play keep away.

Thanks for reading!

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  69. That's this article you silly goof!

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