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Budget Commander #47: Hua Tuo, Honored Physician


Hello folks!

I hope that your day is going well. Today's deck is inspired by my recent Random Top Ten from last week. In this series, I grab ten cards randomly from Gatherer, in order, and make them my top ten. My #2 card was Muldrotha, the Gravetide. I love Muldrotha. I even built a Budget Commander for you as a part of this series around her. She's my kind of lady. Then my #1 selection was Huo Toa, Honored Physician. I adore him too! And then I reviewed EDHREC.com and saw that fewer than 50 people had registered decks leading with Huo Toa. Really? How is that possible!

And that was my inspiration for this article. Build a cheap budget friendly version of Hua Tuo that slots into my Budget Commander series and clocks in at under $32.73, which was the cost of my last deck. Are you ready? Let's do it!

Let's craft another budget build around Green Volrath's Stronghold.

Volrath's Stronghold

Volrath's Stronghold is one of the best cards in multiplayer ever printed. The effect isn't card advantage, unlike many other power houses. But the card quality you get over time slowly and inexorably pushes you toward a victory. As a land, it's hard to answer, but also harder to abuse.

Hua Tuo, Honored Physician

Enter the Honored Physician! Hua Tuo is both better and worse. By not requiring three mana to activate, you can do other things with the mana each turn. But as a creature? That has to tap pre-attack? That's weaker. But it's abusable.

Lightning Greaves

Consider Lightning Greaves. It's too expensive right now for a budget build in the $30s, but the example suffices to demonstrate how to abuse it. Cast this on turn two. Drop your leader on 3, equip, protect it from targeted removal, and then tap if you have something in your graveyard. (You probably wouldn't, but you get the idea).

Green also has a lot of untapping or double tapping effects.

Instill Energy
Seeker of Skybreak

Instill Energy is a great example. You can tap Hua Tuo to recur something to the top of your library. Then you can untap him and do it again to net two tap triggers for your leader, not one. And that's a lot of untapping, especially if you aren't investing mana to do so. Seeker of Skybreak plays into a similar space.

I want to give myself some options to use and reuse Hua Tuo. Now the best is always going to be Thousand-Year Elixir but it hasn't been reprints in such a long time that it's up to $15. That's not feasible for this article that is trying to come in under $33. Give me a $100 budget and it's in, no question! But here? Nope. Even the uncommon Magewright's Stone has gone un-reprinted long enough that it's a few dollars. Scryb Ranger? 5 bucks. Quirion Ranger? 3 dollars. I add in what I can, but there are a lot of options for you to target for later acquisition.

Why does this matter? Why would you want to load more than one dork at a time anyway? Great question!

Because we are going to abuse this effect!

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild is a bulk rare that doesn't see a lot of play, as it requires four mana for each iteration, and you may not be sure as what's on top of your deck. But when your leader loads it up with dead dorks from 'your yard for no mana? You should have the mana to activate this and drop it for free onto the battlefield.

Aid from the Cowl

What about Aid from the Cowl? Your stuff will regularly die. Fetch lands? Creatures that die or self-sacrifice? And then you can get a free dork from your library to the battlefield when they do! That's amazing here.

Evolutionary Leap

Evolutionary Leap is amazing in this shell as well! It will sacrifice one of your creatures, which will fill up your graveyard with goodies for you to reload to your deck. It also grabs the first dork you reveal and puts it into your hand, so you can stock the top of the deck with the right dork to sacrifice!


I love Foster so much that I created an entire series of articles for you called Foster and Friends where I bought to you cheap forgotten cards that are amazing. (Such as this one). How could I not run Foster here? It's perfect! Did something die? That's sad! But move on by spending just one mana and getting the first dork you find. Was it something you just reloaded? Of course it was! Foster away!

Beast Hunt
Genesis Storm
See the Unwritten

You could draw a ton of cards with Beast Hunt. And how about Genesis Storm? Your leader is cheap so you could easily cast it a few times and then load up on this nasty lil' thing. See the Unwritten is a strong and bulk mythic rare that fits this shell wonderfully!

Shefet Monitor
Krosan Tusker

We also have some dorks with value in reloading them and using them anew. You can cycle these early and then they can be restored to your library to draw again and cycle once more, or to put a fat 6/5 onto the battlefield with your various effects.

For this reason, I also tossed in a few other beaters with cycling, such as Greater Sandwurm. Enjoy!

Skalla Wolf

Skalla Wolf is strong here too!

Because this deck also has a number of enchantment cards that are key engines, I also added some enchantment-grabbing cards too.

Fa'adiyah Seer
Dryad Greenseeker

I also want to add in some other tapping cards that have value here. After all, since I have built this shell around untapping Hua Tuo, I might as well have some other tapping creatures too, right? Both of these are great 2-drops that can tap and net you lands, and if you know you have a land on top of your deck, then it's even nicer. I am running some effects like Mul Daya Channelers and Garruk's Horde that will tell you so. Too bad Dryad Arbor is too expensive for this project, or else you could restock it and the draw it with these. The Seer will load your graveyard with non-lands, which you can recur. Both are strong!

Thrashing Brontodon
Viridian Zealot
Yavimaya Elder
Sakura-Tribe Elder

I also wanted to toss in some dorks that can sacrifice for effects. Normally Green would run dorks with enters-the-battlefield triggers like Acidic Slime, Woodfall Primus, or Eternal Witness. Instead, we are doing the reverse. Here we are sacrificing stuff for various effects, and you'll note more in the deck. Sacrifice Sakura-Tribe Elder for a land and then put it back on top for another go around the bin!

Perilous Forays

Want another sacrifice option that's amazing with Hua Tuo? How about Perilous Forays? Sacrifice any creature you desire for a single mana and grab a greatland named Forest. Toss it onto the battlefield. Tap you leader, and put the sacrificed body on top, and then draw it anew! Or trigger something like Zoologist or Call of the Wild to put it onto the battlefield for free and keep on going!

Guardian Project
Soul of the Harvest

I adore the massive card drawing that will ensue with Guardian Project; don't you? Ditto Soul of the Harvest. Note that, unlike some other card drawing options for creatures arriving at the table, these are not cast triggers, so you can use them with your ways of cheating bigger threats onto the battlefield. Smash away my friends, smash away!

This was the first time that I ran out of space and was vastly under budget (like 6 dollars under after I hit 65 non-land cards). I added a few bigger name cards to the deck to spend up to my budget! (Cough, Illusionist's Bracers, cough).

And there we go!

My target was $32.73. So where did I wind up? $32.65; Eight cents cheaper!

I hope you enjoyed this cheap lil' build around mono-Green's recursion engine. Anything in here you want to use? Inspired to build your own build? Just let me know?

Other options with some cost that I considered included Descendant's Path, Sensei's Divining Top, Sylvan Library, Mirri's Guile, and Scroll Rack. Don't sleep on Garruk, Caller of Beasts. How about Vizier of the Menagerie, Oracle of Mul Daya, or Courser of Kruphix? Growing Rites of Itlimoc? Lurking Predators? Worldly Tutor? Vivien Reid? Genesis? Duskwatch Recruiter? Seedborn Muse? Rings of Brighthearth? There are loads of goods here, and many other I didn't think of.

I hope you are inspired to pick up a deck that won't cost you much to pursue. Thanks for your time!


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