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  • Four Standard Superfriends Brews

    With all the planeswalkers running around from War of the Spark, you can bet Jim Davis has several takes on Superfriends for Standard!
  • Standard Dimir Tezzeret with Ali Aintrazi

    Ali embraces the power of Tezzeret as he ventures in to Standard on Magic Arena!
  • More Best of One

    Adrian jumps back in to the Best of One waters to show off some of his favorite decksin the format!
  • Esper Control in Standard

    War of the Spark has pulled Kyle back in to talk about a deck that's right up his alley: Esper Control!
  • Top Ten Commanders You've Forgotten

    Abe shuns some of the flashier options to dig up his Top Ten Commanders you've probably forgotten!
  • Magic Mics: Top Ten Easter Eggs

    The Magic Mics crew goes hunting for the Top Ten Easter Eggs in Magic!
  • Warring Brews

    Mike is back with some hot new ideas for your local FNM!
  • What's 75% of 36? Part 1 - Monocolor

    Jason begins the process of evaluating the planeswalkers of War of the Spark for 75% Commander decks!
  • Going Places

    Take a crack at Sean's latest puzzle and see if you can find the solution!
  • Semi Co-op: Exhausted

    You're almost there, and today's Semi Co-op should give you the strength to cross the finish line!