Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • The Secret Best Decks in Modern

    With Modern somewhat settling, Rudy thinks a couple of decks are well-positioned to take on the Faithless Looting and Ancient Stirrings decks!
  • Mulligan to Nine with Serum Powder Eldrazi

    Jim Davis mulligans in style as he pilots a sweet Serum Powder Eldrazi list in Modern!
  • Preparing for War: Planeswalker Answers

    With an influx of planeswalkers about to hit the scene, Stephen highlights the ways to deal with these unconventional threats!
  • Bruce's Top 5 Magic Cards

    Bruce digs through his experiences in casual multiplayer Magic and puts together a list of his favorite cards!
  • The Cards that Should Really be Banned in Modern

    Jim Davis says Faithless Looting and Ancient Stirrings are fun and healthy cards in the Modern format… has he lost his mind?
  • Revisiting Niv-Mizzet for Best of One

    Adrian returns to his beloved Niv-Mizzet, Parun, looking for ways to make him work in Best of One Standard!
  • Standard Mardu Theater

    Ali takes to the stage and puts on a showstopping performance with a Standard Mardu Theater deck!
  • New Player Commander Decks: Azorius & Izzet

    Abe rounds out the in depth look at the New Player Commander Decks with upgrade ideas for the Azorius and Izzet decks!
  • Yo! MTG Taps! #7: Sk8er B01

    We welcome Joey and bigheadjoe of Yo! MTG Taps! to CoolStuffInc! Join them every other week for their takes on the latest Magic news!
  • New Player Commander Decks: Simic & Golgari

    Jason shows off the Simic and Golgari New Player Commander Decks, with some very 75% upgrade suggestions!