Darkest Hour
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  • A Return to Curiosity

    Adrian returns to one of his favorite pet archetypes, looking at the new additions from Core Set 2020!
  • Standard Golos Ramp

    Ali plays what might be his favorite deck in Core Set 2020 Standard: Golos Ramp!
  • The Verdict on Cube Cards from Core Set 2020 and Modern Horizons

    Jim catches up on his Cube staples, figuring out his favorite options from Core Set 2020 and Modern Horizons!
  • Azorius Control in Modern: The Path of Least Resistance

    Kyle takes a look at his options in Modern, opting to go all in on Azorius Control!
  • Top Ten Cool Combos from Core Set 2020

    Abe has a craving for combos, listing out his Top Ten favorite card combos inspired by Core Set 2020!
  • YMTGT #16: Eldraine You

    Joey and Bigheadjoe talk about Throne of Eldraine, Core Set 2020 Standard, and the post-Bridge from Below world of Modern!
  • Brewing for 2020

    Mike is back with some exciting new decks featuring some headliner cards from Core Set 2020!
  • 5 Lessons from 5 Games

    Jason learns some important lessons about Commander using five decks at Magic Fest Detroit!
  • Pauper Premiere League Week 2

    Kendra breaks down the competition as Week 2 of the Pauper Premiere League brings some spicy lists to the table!
  • When All You Have is a Hammer

    Sean's latest puzzle brings the hammer down! Can you find the solution?